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Über Simplewell
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    Situated in the Manufacture City, Dongguan, Simplewell Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional producer of diversified types of testing equipment and devices, with 20+ years of experience and expertise. Thanks to our powerful R&D capacity and independent design strength, we keep launching new products to meet the market demands and establish a stellar reputation in the industry.

  • Vorteile

    As being a reliable testing equipment manufacturer, Simplewell Technology shows these below outstanding advantages.

    1. High Herstellungsstandards
    Our products are all manufactured in compliance with high standards in China, Japan, Europe and the United States. In particular, the formaldehyde and VOC testing equipment and temperature alarm testing system meet international standards.

    2. VOC Emission Chambers
    The VOC emission chamber is in-house developed and owns its intellectual property. Attractive features include humidity testing technology, dynamic humidity control mode, air purification process, micro positive pressure control, arc design, glass observation window, well-sealed chamber door, special water removal process, long motor life, airflow controller and advanced formaldehyde, ozone and powder removal technique.

  • Problemlösung von VOC-Adsorption in der EmissionskammerVOC Emission Chamber Absorption Problem After long-term testing, we found that stainless steel wall possesses a high absorption towards high-boiling point volatile organic compounds (VOC) and polar compounds, which results in an inaccurate testing. Therefore, Simplewell recalled all the 46 sets of uncoated interiors back for upgrading in 2014. From then on, Simplewell no longer produces uncoated (stainless steel) VOC emission chamber.
  • Events

    We took an active participation in various conferences, seminars, exhibitions and forums to let more people have opportunity to know about Simplewell Technology and our products.

    The VOC chamber destroying video. Because of an unreasonable machine structure, the traditional VOC emission chamber has testing precision problem. After finding it, we urgently recalled the products and centrally destroyed. Since then, we became more and more careful and rigorous in every design and manufacture step.

  • FAQ

    1. When will you deliver the goods after I place an order?
    The delivery time is generally 3 months, depending on the product models and customer’s requirements.

    2. Hong about the warranty?
    Our products are guaranteed for 1 year. During the period, we provide free technical support and on-site service. Beyond the period, we still provide professional technical support and update software regularly. Appropriate fees will be charged.

Simplewell Technology Co., Ltd.

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